What is Media Talk Show?

What Media Talk Show really is about is…

The world of media has changed dramatically in recent years due to the introduction of new technologies. Users are increasingly using the media to reach information, have relationships with other people or make businesses. Blogs, viral videos, interactive photos, pod casts, bulletin boards, newsletters, social networks and any other media can be used for marketing, communication or PR proposes.

For this reason, we believe this is the exact moment to connect professionals, experts and investors in this event which aims to use the media as profitable tools.

We offer a unique and exclusive opportunity to talk with relevant professionals in the industry, creating interesting contacts with business leaders, investors and technology pioneers.

Our most important values are:


We want attendees to get the opportunity to meet the speakers, entrepreneurs and investors to share ideas, open new opportunities and network other people.


We want ideas to spread around in order to create new opportunities.


We connect business people. Media Talk Show is a great opportunity to get more visibility in front of business leaders, investors and government officials and influencers.


This event could not be achieve without the trust of our partners. For this reason, we really work hard to build this on a long term relationship.


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